Ode to Sleep

Last year Doug and I wooed each other through e-mails. This is one that I wrote as a joke to give him a break from his crazy workload.

Sleep, O coveted pastime of my youth,
Thy mournful absence is evident in my beloved’s bloodshot eyes.
O that I were able to grant sufficient rest to assuage his fatigue
But I fear that even the heavenly elixir of Nyquill would not dispel the deadlines of tomorrow.

So I implore thee, Sleep, to wait to envelop my beloved
Until he is safely in his bedchamber in the quaint city of our rekindled friendship,
Then, my beloved will fly to a blessed dreamland where the fawns and satyrs of celestial bliss frolic,
It is said that their joyous dance makes even the most faithful perfectionists lighthearted.

In the castle of unrequited slumber, there I will await my love,
And together, among the lilies and the fawns, we will dance together in the gray morn.
Our slothful slumber will guard against the darkness of deadlines and longing that absence brings.
Grant me this desire, O sleep, for I cannot bear the chasm that separates me from my love.
Aye me, that we would meet where the dew forms on the flowers before the sun duels with the moon.
That peaceful purgatory between waking and sleeping will be our sacred solace.


3 thoughts on “Ode to Sleep”

    1. Hilary, haha, I’m glad you like it. I feel like I should apologize for the endless karaoke sessions in our dorm. I hope you and Joel are well. I don’t know if you remember Doug, but he said he and Sean Pyle hung out with you and Cassie. 🙂

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