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A Hymn of Hope

The circumstances of this life

Lead to unending wounds and strife

The depth of our depravity

Continues on with certainty


We scorn the One who gives us grace

Exalt ourselves to His high place

Our pride the root of our heart’s err’r

Will never yield things good and pure


The struggle of the days of man

The toil of his laboring hand

Will never mend his brokenness

And never grant his soul true rest


But there’s a hope to our bleak plight

A Promised Light to break the night

A Glorious Maker, good and true

Come to restore his world anew


In human flesh our Maker came,

To manifest His Father’s fame,

Through Him creation is made right

And all His fullness our new life


Sing praise and Glory to the One

The mystery of His will is known

Revealed to us through Jesus Christ

Through His victorious sacrifice


4 thoughts on “A Hymn of Hope”

    1. Thank you Boyd! I don’t have a tune yet. Maybe one day someone will write one to it. I’m not a very talented songwriter. All of my melodies end up sounding like ones that have already been written!

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