Family, Poetry

Abide With Me

I wrote this for my grandparent’s 50th Anniversary. They got married when they were 16 and left their impromptu country wedding in a wheelbarrow and embarked on the adventure.

“Abide With Me”

Frost said that “nothing gold can stay,”

And many think he’s right.

They leave things treasured for others

In hopes of true delight.

It seems that nothing can withstand

The draw of beauty’s cry.

Allures of easy life ahead

That linger ‘til we die.

But I know of a sure promise,

One that continues still;

By His grace the vow remains

Steadfast within His will.

It is not for lack of struggle,

For how can one be sure

Of promises that are not tried

Nor proven to endure?

For pledges made on wedding days

When all is warm and dear

Do not resound in the same ways

As those that bear the years.

Much earlier than most begin

Their new life got its start

With love and wheelbarrow in hand,

Two only death shall part.

Four kids and two countries later,

Burdens heavy and light,

Numbers, clippers, businesses too,

Long days, both dark and bright.

Birthdays, Grand Canyon vacations,

Happy memories made.

New babies, families built upon,

The old foundation laid.

Christmas renewals of old hope

As only grace affords.

Before the families’ watching eyes

Commitments now restored.

Perhaps we all can celebrate

A vow that can abide,

Which points to our Redeeming King,

Who rescues His own bride.

His patience is longsuffering;

His sacrifice is true.

His life a ransom for many;

Our communion is renewed.

That is where the true beauty lies

In vows that have endured,

Giving your life one for another

In the manner of our Lord.


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