Christianity, Poetry

Vibrant Life

I’m thankful for your cross of grace,

You took my sin and died.

Death would’ve been my bitter fate

My heart soaked through with pride.

Like Peter and poor Thomas too

My looming Doubts arose

Can I bear your image hence?

My sin your grace impose?

Darkness dances on the earth.

War, famine, peril, sword.

My soul cries out in disbelief

“Who’ll save this ruined world?”

Creation groans along with me,

Longing for new birth

Savior, will you cast aside

The people and their earth?

Had the story ended there

with the beloved’s last breath

The one to give eternal life

Now beaten by Black Death?

With one man creation fell

With One its life restored.

He is our Christ, the Son of God,

Our Risen Kingly Lord.

His resurrection’s certain

And proves with victor’s cry

The Grave now is defeated

And Death He now defies.

Behold I’m making all the earth

And all its men anew.

Restore the broken, heal the lame,

I’m faithful and I’m true,

My kingdom is advancing,

It circles round the earth.

New life is given to old bones,

That once had held the curse.

Praise the One whose Risen,

O Peoples near and Far.

Praise the Lord Our Faithful King,

Our Bright and Morning Star.


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