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Nursery Inspiration

We are having a little boy, and we want our nursery to look boyish. I don’t think that yellow is a boy color, and neither is mint green, so we wanted to go with a blue, orange, and grey nursery.

Doug loved foxes when he was little so we thought about having a few foxes in the room. They have cute prints on Etsy, but I also have some very creative friends, so maybe I can commission them for some art for the room.

Either way, Doug and I are very excited about having a baby boy, and are excited to get the house ready for him. I know that a baby doesn’t need much and our nursery probably won’t look as glamorous as these, but these are my inspiration now. I am not good at visualizing things, so I always need help seeing how colors would work together.

If anyone has any ideas for incorporating color without painting walls, I’d love to hear your comments or suggestions! I’m not the best with decorating, so I always welcome help and other ideas.


2 thoughts on “Nursery Inspiration”

  1. Love your colors and the foxes!!! As far as incorporating color without painting, you can get bright curtains, an area rug, a throw on the back of your chair, fun lamp/shade, and for “large art” you can hang a quilt on the wall!

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