Week 24

1. We have a name: Athanasius “Ash” James Ponder. (My husband is eloquent, so if you would like to know the back story you should check out his facebook profile).

2. I may only be 24 weeks pregnant, but my doctor says I’m measuring 4-5 weeks past that. Mostly because I have no torso (truly) and Ash is already huge.

3. Being pregnant in the fall is a gift from God. Taking a brisk walk and not breaking a sweat is wonderful. Also, apple cider doughnuts should be required for pregnant ladies. Pregnancy thermals and sweaters are some of the most comfortable attire.

4. I am already overwhelmed by the love of our family and friends. I am thankful for the prayers and generosity of everyone. Doug and I are so blessed to have a whole army of people who will be able to help us as we learn to be parents and help Ash love Jesus.

5. This baby moves all of the time. I’ve been feeling him for quite a few weeks now. Doug finally felt him kick for the first time while we were out for dinner at Mekong, which hopefully means that Ash appreciates Vietnamese food. It is such a blessing to feel him kick and dance around all of the time.
We can’t wait to meet our little man!


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