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36 weeks

Mamma JToday for the first time I said, “I’m due at the end of January” and realized that means at the end of this month!

I’m excited and terrified at the same time. I can’t wait to meet our son. I’m really not worried about the labor (maybe this is foolish, but I figure he’s going to come out one way or another), but I’m more concerned about being a mom.  I know how selfish I can be and I know the non-stop care that comes in the early days (and later days as well!). I’m thankful that God will provide strength to endure and forgiveness for when I mess up. I am also thankful for all of the friends and family that are here to help us!

Here are some prayer requests for those who have asked:

  1. Pray that Doug and I continue to love each other well.
  2. Pray we continue to love others well during this time of celebration and transition. This is a big change in our lives, and because of that it is very easy to get introspective (read: selfish!). Our desire is to continue to love others well and continue to prioritize our schedule around the needs of others. I’m really not sure what this will look like after the baby, but I am thankful for the example of people who have already done this well.
  3. Pray that I don’t consume every Christmas cookie/candy item in the house before Ash is born.
  4. Pray that we seek the Lord for comfort and true rest. It is tempting to look to food and entertainment to alleviate anxiety and restlessness, but these things really don’t fix our problems.

Thank you dear friends. We are truly thankful for your love, prayers and support! Hopefully this month I will be able to post a photo of our new baby!


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