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Why I Will Never Be Asked to Make a Children’s CD

I love to sing and I’ve yearned for years to sing to my child. I thought of all the wonderful, meaningful, beautiful songs I would sing to him at bedtime.

Since having the baby, I’ve been surprised by how many weird songs I find myself singing to Ash.

Here’s a sampling of the lullabies  that I’ve sung to Ash this past week. Read: Why I will never be asked to make a children’s CD:

  1. The Inspector Gadget Theme Song
    (Since I was a child this song has plagued me…Go gadget go).
  2. O Christmas Tree
  3. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright- Bob Marley
    (During midnight red-eye feedings)
  4. Edelweiss– Sound of Music
  5. Twist and Shout– The Beatles
    (Because it has the word ‘baby’ in it?)
  6. Darth Vader’s Theme From Star Wars
    (Normally when I’m going to change his diaper. Does this make me a loser and a creepy mom?)
  7. Circle of Life– Elton John
    (One of His Favorites and proof that he takes after his cool aunt Brandie)
  8. Happy Birthday…in Mandarin (Ash loves this one. Maybe he will have an afinity for Chinese Culture…or maybe just Sesame Chicken. Here’s the story: I used to work at a Chinese restaurant as a hostess. They always had requests for the staff to sing happy birthday. They taught me how to sing happy birthday in Mandarin. Most customers were really disappointed when a short white girl showed up to sing Happy Birthday. I think they were imagining something similar to the rendition of “Deck the Halls” in the movie “A Christmas Carol”)
  9. Abide with Me (Read the lyrics here; they will bless you)
    (Okay more normal… I felt so scared and terrified when we first brought him home. I haven’t been able to get through this one without weeping since I’ve had him).
  10. “You are My Sunshine”
    (My parents sang this to me all the time as a child. Ash loves it and it’s proof he has Rodgers’ genes)
  11. Trololo – Eduard Khil (watch the video here)
    (Okay, so I don’t sing it to him, but Doug and I have showed Ash the video and he loves it…Doug does a pretty convincing rendition)
  12. “Stay Awake” — Mary Poppins
  13. “Raptor Rap” –Robin Williams in the movie “Mrs. Doubtfire”

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