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Love, Love Me Do.

An abbreviated Facebook love story:


I just wanted to help you remember what it felt like to get a Facebook message again. I looked forward to them each day for over a month. Usually they included twenty-five smiley faces and a couple of questions that I had figured out would be impossible not to answer. Usually the message was poured over because I thought, man I need to live up to the fact that I’m getting my Master’s in English. Then…..go time… close your eyes… hit submit, reread the post. Reread the one before it. Mourn over the typo I missed. Pray that you respond soon.
And that was my facebook life in July and early August.


Dear Jess,

Your Facebook experience paralleled mine quite closely. Fact: I used to count your smiley faces. Fact: I used to count my own smiley faces (and limit them) so as to not appear (1) girly or (2) over zealous. Confession: I deliberately placed questions in each message with the hope that you would have to answer. Quasi-Confession: I think I spent more time “pouring over” Facebook messages than would be healthy for me to admit to you. Dorky Admission: I loved (and still love) that you would “mourn over the typos” you had missed. Extremely Dorky Admission: Some people may be able to say, You had me at “hello.” It would be more accurate for me to say, You had me at “I’m sorry for the dangling modifiers.” True story.

The end.

….Nostalgia wins the day. 🙂


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