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Last week we announced that we are having another baby! We are thrilled and a bit nervous at the same time, but are so excited about having two so close together. Doug had the thrill of having a brother who was just 16 months younger then him. He said it was like having your best friend in the house all the time. I’m overjoyed that Ash gets to have the same experience; we are due May 22nd, so Ash and the new baby will be 16 months apart.

One of the things that I am excited most about is having another baby to love. When I had Ash I was surprised by the instantaneous, deep love that I had for him. I’m blessed to have many friends and family to love. I love Doug truly and differently than I love others, and I was caught off guard by my deep and unique love for Ash.

I think some people are afraid that there might not be space in their heart for a little one. Maybe they think “Could I love another person or would it take away love from my husband or my other child?”

One of my favorite songwriters, Sandra McCracken answers this question. She wrote a song about the birth of her son and how she was eclipsed by love for him: “I thought it was full/But it was halfway to the top/Love is an ocean tryin’ to fill this tiny cup. And it’s taken me over/Taken me over/And the heart I thought was full was halfway.”

My dad said something sweet and poignant last week. He said “Our hearts are simply amazing. I remember my feelings of wonder at how I could have a heart full of love when we were expecting each of our children. Now I am amazed at the ever expanding heart as more grandchildren join us.”

Our capacity to love is so beautiful because it reflects God. That’s the way God is too, and because we are made in His image, our hearts have the ability to overflow with love just like His.

God loves each person on the whole earth, simply because they are people and are made in his beautiful image. He doesn’t have a quota that might run out in the next 20 years because too many people have been born. Instead, his heart overflows with unstoppable, fierce, steadfast love for each of us. Each time a new baby is born, in fact before they are born as he knits them together and forms them in their mother’s womb, he is smitten with them. He loves us madly.

I’m thankful for another baby to love madly. God will make space in my heart that I didn’t know was there. It is one of the best parts of being human and being like God. We are fierce lovers and my heart overflows with love for this new baby.


1 thought on “Overflowing”

  1. Love this post, Jess!! That was one of my first thoughts when we got pregnant with #2 and still sometimes I think “how can my heart love someone else like I love Hayley?” But I can not wait for their to be another person in this world that I can love that way!

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