It Takes a Village

We did it. We moved into our new house. This past week has been a lot of crying, a lot of laughing, a lot of ecstatic jumping up and down and a whole lot of work. Fortunately, we had a whole village of people move us, encourage us, offer to help, cook for us, talk me down from a ledge when I was feeling crazy, and watch our sweet baby while we packed everything. Let me tell you, when you have a teething ten month old and are pregnant, it takes a village to move you.

It’s humbling to be loved and served so well, when we know we don’t deserve it. We are deeply thankful for all of your help.

I love our families and our friends, not just because they helped us or offered to do so, but because they’re here throughout all of our life—the good and the bad. That’s one of my favorite parts about having such close relationships. When you’re close with someone, you get the privilege of walking with them through the difficult times, the trying times and the joyful times. It’s pretty rare in relationships that both parties are putting forth the exact same amount of effort to love and serve the other. Not that we shouldn’t do that, but most times in life our friends or family members may be more needy than we are or we may be needy and others serve us. Someone has a baby, someone goes through a difficult loss, someone loses a job, someone gets married or someone moves. Each circumstance comes with unique challenges and unique needs. This past week we were really needy and others met those needs. Serving sacrificially like that (without demanding a pay back) really points to Jesus in a wonderful way. It’s beautiful.


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