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Christmas Dailies

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about Christmas. I’m pinning things on Pinterest to bake and crafts to attempt (ha. or more likely to pretend to attempt!). I’ve been thinking about buying gifts and how to decorate. Some years, I stumble into our Christmas Eve service at church and my heart isn’t ready to worship. We’re singing “Joy to the World” and I’m thinking “Did I wrap that one gift?” Each year I seem to get so busy with Christmas shopping and decorating  that I forget to really meditate on Christ and His coming into the world. I imagine it is like many brides who get so busy with wedding preparations that they forget that the real point of the wedding is about their marriage to their new husband. The preparations for the celebration are fun and important, but they are not the end. They are not the point of the celebration itself.

This year , each day in December leading up to Christmas, I’m going to post a small thought celebrating a facet of Christ’s coming. Church tradition calls this time Advent, which in Latin means “coming.” Advent  is a time when the church historically has celebrated the Lord’s first coming (his birth) and also has anticipated his Second coming, when he returns to rule and reign in the new heavens and the new earth. The time of advent is typically marked with reflections on scripture, prayer, and meditation. Writing helps me meditate on ideas and especially on Jesus. I’m really excited to write these posts, and I encourage you, in whatever way you like, to take time to meditate on Jesus and the goodness of His coming this Christmas season. I’m excited to share this journey with you.


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