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Week 2–Ultimate Peace

Jesus is the one who brings us ultimate peace, and we look forward to His second coming, when He will rule and reign in the new Heavens and the new Earth. His second coming points to shalom like we spoke about in the first post of this week, a deep flourishing of all mankind and a harmonious co-existence of the human race.

We all deeply yearn for a good king to return like Jesus promises to in the Bible. We all yearn for a good leader. History is riddled with corrupt dictators and evil kings who rule harshly and unfairly, who abuse their own people. When people in these nations are oppressed and dehumanized, the world cries out for justice, for intervention. Our books and movies point to the desire for goodness or a good leader to reign. Fairytales all point to good triumphing over evil and people rejoicing over the victory. Epics often point to one hero who overcomes insurmountable odds and in the end is victorious.

All of these stories ring true because they are a part of a great story that is written on all of our hearts, the story of desire for one person to bring us peace and restore our purpose. Only Jesus can do that, and he will bring that ultimate peace. He restores our relationship with the father by His death on the cross and he promises joyful flourishing life for us in the New Heavens and the New Earth.

This is one of my favorite Christmas songs because it talks about Jesus as the promised King. Also, the whole album is so incredible that you should just buy it. You won’t regret it.


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