Vote For Me!

Hello readers. Normally I do not make it a practice to ask for votes. It feels very high school prom queen. However, for the three years that I have had this blog I have been very encouraged by each of you and I thought I would ask a favor.

I have entered a contest based on Kate Conner’s new book Enough: Ten Things We Should be Telling Teenage Girls. (GO BUY IT AND READ IT)

Readers were challenged to come up with the 11th thing. Ten finalists were chosen and my entry was one of the finalists. I based that entry on this blogpost (Death By Comparison), which has been my most popular blogpost to date. All women, but especially teenage girls, need to hear the message that comparison is a prison.

If you agree and were encouraged by that blogpost, please go vote for me at this link by liking my entry. The entry with the most likes wins the contest and wins an iPad mini (which is timely because my computer is on its last life).

Go vote for me here by liking my entry: http://on.fb.me/1sVTFpL

Feel free to share the link above and encourage others to vote as well.

Thanks so much!


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