The Facts

img_3676I am Jess.

I am a wife, mom, and Jesus-follower living in Church Hill. I’m married to an amazing man named Doug. He is brilliant, handsome, and the most forgiving person that I know. We have three boys named Athanasius, Lukas, and Jack, and they are all four years old and under. It gets pretty crazy around our house, but I am immeasurably blessed.

 I love fiction, breakfast food, urban walking (on pavement to bakeries], and hanging out with people. I’m a piano player with no time to practice, and a wanna-be-gardner who wishes her plants didn’t die. Doug loves languages, theology, books,  coffee, and fine foods. In another life, I think he could have been a food critic.

Together, we live in Richmond and are serving Christ at Remnant Church. After moving to the city we learned important things like: the size of a rat, the necessity of pan au chocolate, how to sleep through our neighbors’ parties, the beauty of the diversity of the city, and how to parallel park. We both desire that our lives would be those of reconciliation: helping those who are broken and pointing them to Christ, who provides eternal healing and hope.


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